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Summer-Induced Anime – Five Shows I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Seen

vlcsnap-2013-05-08-19h22m29s20I just finished my last exam, and summer break is officially here for me. I’m sure there are at least a few of you who are in similar situations. Although I’ll still be working 40 hours a week and then some, I’d like to believe that I’ll have a bit of extra time to work through my extensive anime backlog. Some of the shows I plan to watch are understandably on the┬áback burner, but there are a few that leave me absolutely speechless when it comes to an excuse for holding off on them. Here are just a few that are currently collecting dust on my HDD. Continue reading



Dear Friends, Once More – Spring 2013 Schedule

Spring 2013

If the previews are any indication, this season isn’t going to be much better than the last. My predictions are always wrong when it comes to this sort of stuff though so my opinion really doesn’t hold much weight. Here’s to me being wrong again! Continue reading