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“We Had No Choice” – International Relations in Shin Sekai Yori


Shinsekai Yori is finally over, and it was a hell of a ride. The epilogue did get a bit wordy for my taste, but overall, it was very well thought out. In particular the treatment of Yakomaru as the antagonist was just about perfect in every way. They could have ended his story with his defeat, leaving his motives up in the air, or even worse, basing them off of a juvenile hatred for humans. But instead they made him incredibly sympathetic, and, in a way, turned him into a pseudo-protagonist–an anti-hero of sorts. Continue reading



Dear Friends, Once More – Spring 2013 Schedule

Spring 2013

If the previews are any indication, this season isn’t going to be much better than the last. My predictions are always wrong when it comes to this sort of stuff though so my opinion really doesn’t hold much weight. Here’s to me being wrong again! Continue reading