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Summer-Induced Anime – Five Shows I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Seen


vlcsnap-2013-05-08-19h22m29s20I just finished my last exam, and summer break is officially here for me. I’m sure there are at least a few of you who are in similar situations. Although I’ll still be working 40 hours a week and then some, I’d like to believe that I’ll have a bit of extra time to work through my extensive anime backlog. Some of the shows I plan to watch are understandably on the back burner, but there are a few that leave me absolutely speechless when it comes to an excuse for holding off on them. Here are just a few that are currently collecting dust on my HDD.


Considering how much I enjoyed Bakemonogatari, you think I would have jumped on this the moment I had a chance. Unlike Bakemonogatari, which has its detractors, I’ve only ever heard good things about Katanagatari. If I had to guess the reason why I still haven’t watched it, I’d probably say that the hour-long length can be rather intimidating. I know. It’s an awful excuse, but what else can I say? This isn’t a show that you can idly slip in between classes or study sessions.

NekomonogatariNekomonogatari: Kuro

Unlike with Katangatari, I do have a semi-legitimate reason for not watching this when it was released, and that is the lack of good fansubs. The Monogatari series has always been notoriously difficult to sub with its insane amount of typesetting and humor based on wordplay that is all too often lost in translation. Even months after the initial airing, there still aren’t any great subs for Nekomonogatari, but I don’t think its going to get any better, so I’ve decided to take the plunge (at least I get a pretty BD release).

HaibaneHaibane Renmei

This is another anime that just screams my name. A solemn atmosphere and intriguing mystery are just what I need to balance out the energy found in the rest of my watch list.

Serial Experiments LainSerial Experiments Lain

See above. It shares the same creator as Haibane Renmei, so I imagine it must have a similar style. To be completely honest, I don’t have a clue what the actual plot is beyond what I read in the incredibly vague synopsis. Still, I’m confident that I’ll draw a fair amount of enjoyment out of this.

UtenaRevolutionary Girl Utena

This series has been on the edge of my radar since I first started watching anime a few years ago. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it with some saying it’s 37 episodes alternating between confusion and boredom, but reviewers I actually trust consistently give it a strong recommendation. I love picking apart the symbolism in a series and unraveling mysteries, so this seems like my cup of tea. On a side note, does anybody know a good source for this? It’s next to impossible to find a quality download for a series this old. Out of curiosity, I did a quick Google search, and it turns out that they released a remastered BD box set earlier this year. At this point it’s probably worth it to hold off on it and see if any group decides to release it. Fingers crossed.

vlcsnap-2013-05-08-19h22m50s219I can’t be the only one who’s planning on working through some old anime on their time off. What’s on your must-watch list this summer?


15 thoughts on “Summer-Induced Anime – Five Shows I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Seen

  1. Aquarion EVOL, Fate/Zero, Mouryou no Hako, and Planetes are sitting in my hard drive unwatched. That’s all going to change during the summer, but I have one more month before summer actually starts. >:C

    Nekomonogatari is pretty standard when it comes to Monogatari in general. Katanagatari is great and you should watch that.

    • Planetes is another show that I hope I can get around to watching, and now so is Mouryou no Hako (as if I needed to add anything else).

      Fate/Zero admittedly isn’t my favorite Urobuchi work . It starts off strong, but then just sort of loses itself in the second half.

  2. Well, I have 25 shows in my HD right now and I think it’s impossible for me to finish them before classes resume this June. Also, I’ve been adding more shows as I’m watching one. However, my priorities are Code Geass (both seasons), Fate/Zero, Chihayafuru, and Sakurasou 🙂

    • Code Geass was actually the first anime I ever watched if you ignore things like DBZ and Pokemon. I’ve tried to rewatch it, but it loses its charm if you know what’s going to happen. The drama might border on comical at times, but I can never have too much Lelouch.

  3. Thanks for visiting. Looks like I found somebody who’s enslaved by work too, he he. It seems that you quite liked Maoyuu Maou Yuusha in the beginning, so why is it rated as 4/10 in the end? I am really curious to know.

    • I had high hopes for Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, so I was kind of giving it the benefit of the doubt. In the end it was just a really mediocre anime that failed to deliver on what could have been an incredibly interesting story. I know I’m not the only one who was disappointed with what it became.

  4. Hah—the first three shows have been on my own to-watch list for quite some time (and I keep not getting around to them), while the last two are ones I love quite a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Lain, but I love a good headtrip and I love good sci-fi, so it’s a winner to me. Loooaaaads of atmosphere. And Utena is quite possibly my favorite anime ever: it practically oozes style, and i’ts incredibly rewatchable and super-interesting, and—more importantly—it’s got one of my favorite character casts in all of anime. Can’t wait to see your thoughts.

    • I’m surprised that you’ve seen Serial Experiments Lain but not Haibane Renmei. I feel like most people watch those in the reverse order.

      Out of curiosity, have you seen Mawaru Penguindrum? If so, what did you think about it? I’m interested to hear what you have to say considering your appreciation for Utena.

      • Mawaru Penguindrum? Favorite anime of 2011—ahead of Steins;Gate, even! It felt a lot looser and more spontaneous than Utena, to me: Utena is a noticeably repetitive series, but it uses its repetition to great effect in all sorts of ways (while occasionally tossing in a wrinkle or breaking from its own formula for heavy dramatic effect), and the result is a series that (especially in the Black Rose Arc!) feels really, really focused (a problem that I think Penguindrum suffered from at times).

        They’re both definitely products of the same mind, though. They’ve both got the same bizarre sense of humor, surrealism & symbolism overload, shitloads of style…. And, most importantly, they’ve got the same sort of heart.

        Oh, and a note on recap episodes! Utena has three of them. The first is worth watching if you want a bit of foreshadowing and perhaps some help decoding its symbolism. The third is a must-watch (in my opinion), as its frame story has arguably one of the most important (and most maddening) developments in the entire story. The second one? A recap of the Nanami filler episodes. Yeah. Only in Ikuhara-land. (I hated those and skipped them all the first time through, but I like ’em a good deal more now that I’ve gotten used to Ikuhara’s idiosyncratic sort of humor. The recap’s worth a watch if you like the rest of the filler episodes, though.)

  5. My “To Watch” list actually looks eerily similar to this (for many of the same reasons), minus Nekomonogatari: Kuro. I’m a huge Shinbou fan, so I remember watching those as soon as they had subs up (even if they didn’t do the dialogue justice). As Appropriant said, it’s pretty standard, so if you liked Bake- or Nise- (more the former) you’ll probably like Neko-.

    On the same train as Lain, I’ve been meaning to get around to Ergo Proxy for quite some time. I’ve also been sitting on finishing up some stuff from Ghost in the Shell (the second season of SAC and the second movie). Gotta love that existentialist mind-trippy sci-fi stuff.

    Planetes has actually also been on my list, as well as Terra e (gotta love ‘dat space) for quite some time. With Space Bros, that’ll round out a decent portion of space-related anime, right? 😉

    I’ve also had a growing interest for a while into LN and their anime adaptations, so I might try and mine out a decent number of those that I can find, starting with OreShura. Sadly enough, I still also have a week or two of school left (woohoo exams!), so we’ll see how that goes. Oh right – and finishing up Sakurasou – that too…

  6. I enjoyed Katanagatari more than Bakemonogatari to be honest. I think the style was better and the story was more logical. Where Bakemonogatari was not always as easy to follow or to understand. It is true the Katanagatari show is better suited for vacations because of the longer episodes. But it’s certainly worth it.
    I’m bad at following what I plan to watch. There’s always something that peeks my interest. Plus what I plan to watch doesn’t always fit in the mood I’m in on that moment. The ones I plan to watch are often times upcoming shows. Nice post, let us know what you thought about the series you’ve selected here.

  7. I haven’t seen Katanagatari yet, but desperately trying to strike up the movation. As for Revolutionary Girl Utena, I just started the series two days ago and almost done with it (should be done by today). Since I don’t own the series myself, I am using Exlie Destiny encodes which are of reasonable quality. My feelings at best are rather mixed on the series so far…

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