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“We Had No Choice” – International Relations in Shin Sekai Yori


Shinsekai Yori is finally over, and it was a hell of a ride. The epilogue did get a bit wordy for my taste, but overall, it was very well thought out. In particular the treatment of Yakomaru as the antagonist was just about perfect in every way. They could have ended his story with his defeat, leaving his motives up in the air, or even worse, basing them off of a juvenile hatred for humans. But instead they made him incredibly sympathetic, and, in a way, turned him into a pseudo-protagonist–an anti-hero of sorts. Continue reading



Past, Future, Present – Saki’s Journey in Shin Sekai Yori


As Shin Sekai Yori approaches its conclusion, it’s interesting to look back on how far its come. Over a decade has passed since the opening of the series and the story has taken so many twists and turns that sometimes even I forget exactly how it reached this point. Let’s be honest, the plot is disjointed at best and completely fragmented as worst. But this trait–something that would have killed any ordinary series–seems not only appropriate but intentional. Continue reading