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Twelve Days of Anime: Day XII – Mistakes and a Resolution


Haruhi Facepalm

I was not prepared for this at all. It seemed simple enough to start with: pick out twelve memorable moments from anime this year. For some reason or another this was nigh impossible for me.

It wasn’t in a good way either. In case you hadn’t noticed, I was scrambling for material to post about this entire time. I had made the commitment though so I soldiered on anyway, but I definitely wasn’t too proud about the quality of my writing.

Why? I touched on it a little bit during the first day, but picking which anime I’m going to watch is a bit of an issue for me. I have the bad habits of:

A) Not wanting to pick up anime after they’ve started. For this reason, I missed out on Hyouka, Sengoku Collection, Rinne no Lagrange, Sakamichi no Apollon, Tsuritama and Girls und Panzer, just to name a few. These were shows that I was legitimately interested in but discounted merely because they were a few episodes in.

B) Watching anime that I don’t enjoy simply to finish them. I felt obliged to finish Btooom! and Code;Breaker for no better reason than, “I had already started them.” I must be insane to sit through crap like those shows. That time could have been better spent picking up the anime listed above had it not been for my illogical decision making skills.

On top of that, I really didn’t watch that many anime from 2012 this year. Most of the shows I did watch were from my backlist, and while not technically against the rules, I wanted my posts to be purely about this year’s anime. In retrospect, that was probably a poor choice on my part.

So consider this my New Year’s Resolution for Anime:

“I do solemnly swear that I shall watch any show I find interesting or enjoyable regardless of its progression in the current season. Furthermore, I shall not watch any anime that I either do not enjoy or do not see myself enjoying  in the near future.”

I’m pretty sure typing that out dropped my IQ by a whole standard deviation, but apparently I need rules like this to function properly.


In any event, much like the holidays, the Twelve Days of Anime were fun while they lasted, but I’m ready to get back to my normal schedule.


3 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Anime: Day XII – Mistakes and a Resolution

  1. Man, you really pounded these out quickly. Kudos to you.

    And I’m with you on getting back to a normal schedule – I’m totally spent!

  2. Either way, it’s good experience and a resource for when you have an update schedule as demanding as 12 Days.

    Here’s to new things to talk about next season. o/

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