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Twelve Days of Anime: Day IV – Moe.


Moe is the unstoppable force, and there is no immovable object. It is omnipotent and infallible. It cannot be corrupted by even the worst of men. This has become abundantly clear to me.

Adolf HitlerAdolph Hitler

  • Started WWII – 50,000,000 killed
  • Holocaust – 12,000,000 killed
  • Cute? Yes.

Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin

  • Great Purge – 20,000,000 killed
  • Brutal dictatorship over eastern Europe
  • Cute? Yes.

Pol PotPol Pot

  • Prime Minister of Cambodia
  • 1,800,000 killed
  • 8,400,000 total population
  • 1/5 were killed
  • Cute? Yes.

Mao ZedongMao Zedong

  • Chairman of  the Communist Party of China
  • Great Leap Forward – 3,000,000 killed
  • Labor Camps
  • Cute? Yes.

Omar al-BashirOmar al-Bashir

  • President of Sudan
  • War in Darfur – 400,000 killed
  • Performed ethnic cleansings
  • Cute? Yes.

Saddam HusseinSaddam Hussein

  • Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council in Iraq
  • Al-Anfal Campaign – 200,000 killed
  • Waged a genocidal campaign against the Kurds
  • Cute? Yes.

Maximiliano Hernández MartínezMaximiliano Hernandez Martinez

  • President of El Salvador
  • La Matanza – 30,000 killed
  • Cute? Yes.

Mengistu Haile MariamMengistu Haile Mariam

  • President of Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian Red Terror – 500,000 killed
  • Cute? Yes.

You cannot stop it. Defy it, and you will know what it means to stand against a god.


3 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Anime: Day IV – Moe.

    The only point of disagreement I’d have is some of them I’d say are more “holy god what babes” hot, rather than moe. But they all make feel uncomfortably genocidal!…

  2. This is the power of moe. To make the destructive things even the more so… destructive, if that makes any sense.

  3. At least we can hope that the gods are satisfied and will move on to other things no moefy.

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